years of commercial
horticulture experience

Typical client resultsI help businesses cultivate a profitable future in the cannabis industry. 

As a trusted advisor to the CEOs and owners of licensed cultivation businesses, I help optimize production sites and ensure that expansion projects are a success.

By leveraging two decades of commercial horticulture experience, I show clients the shortest path from seed to success. 

Typical project results include:

- Rapid cultivation start-up

- First mover advantage and increased market share

- Avoidance of unnecessary expenses

- Seamless expansion to additional sites

- Improved crop quality

- Lower operational expenses

- New revenue from alternative sources




What people are saying about RDC

"We hired Ryan because of his impressive track record in the industry and he has surpassed all of our expectations. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and has been instrumental in our success."  -Spencer Veikle, COO, Bold Growth

"Ryan was fundamental in the development of strategies to help make our business a success."  -Michael Armbrester, Co-founder, Colcanna

"Ryan is one of the most experienced cannabis growth consultants in the industry today."  -Patrick McCartan, CEO, Regennabis

My Services

Helping you make intelligent capital decisions based on proven expert advice.

Commercial-scale cultivation is no easy task.

Operators new to the industry often overcomplicate the start-up process and begin losing money before they can harvest even one gram of cannabis.

With myriads of options for how to grow, what to buy, and who to hire, determining the best path forward can be overwhelming. Let me help you skip the learning curve and start growing fast. 


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