years of commercial
horticulture experience

THE RYAN DOUGLAS DIFFERENCE Unprecedented credentials in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is a burgeoning frontier, full of opportunity and uncertainty for many cannabis cultivation start-ups. Navigating this new territory, particularly within the first 3-6 months during the start-up phase of production, is crucial—and my area of expertise.

Leveraging 23 years of commercial horticulture experience, in addition to three years as the Master Grower and cultivation director for Tweed Inc.—Canada’s largest licensed producer of cannabis and the flagship subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation— I use my extensive experience to guide clients in launching their own cannabis cultivation start-ups.

During my tenure at Tweed Inc., I helped drive early success by designing their first cultivation facility, selecting their starter genetics, and hiring and training the team that would become the core foundation of Canopy’s cultivation success. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, I spent 15 years as a commercial greenhouse grower of ornamental and edible crops, growing up to 600,000 plants annually.

These experiences, in addition to the completion of multiple consulting projects across North and South America, have provided me with a comprehensive toolkit of best practices to assist clients and empower the growth and success of start-up companies.


About Me Deep roots in horticulture

There is something undefinable—a satisfaction and fascination—about growing and cultivating plants. From understanding how to yield the best results to adjusting the environment, horticulture draws on a mixture of disciplines and has appealed to me since my time at Antioch College during the late 1990s.

After acquiring grant money to renovate our campus greenhouse—while simultaneously growing my first ever crop of cannabis in my dorm room—the opportunity to experiment with controlled environment agriculture and medicinal plants sealed my fate as a lifelong horticulturist.

My Services

Helping you make intelligent capital investments based on expert consultation.

Commercial-scale cannabis cultivation is no simple task. Frequently, new operators overcomplicate the start-up process and begin losing money before harvesting even one gram of cannabis.

Because of the high-risk environment, working with a consultant to establish a program that complies with regional regulations, navigate budget considerations, and inform greenhouse decisions is highly beneficial to not only your bottom line, but the success of your start-up. Let me help you avoid these common pitfalls so you can skip the learning curve and arrive to market faster.


Upcoming Event

Cannabis Business Italia 2019

With a population of 60 million people, Italy is one of Europe’s most promising cannabis markets, and this October, industry leaders are coming together to discuss and lead workshops on developments in the cannabis sector. I will be giving my presentation “How to Rapidly Launch Cultivation in New Markets,” discussing a number of essential factors that are critical to the rapid and successful launch of cannabis start-ups.

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