Strategic Growth Hiring Key Personnel

Once you've been awarded a highly-coveted cultivation license, your next growth objective will be hiring a production team. As the cannabis industry is still an emerging industry, identifying qualified candidates and knowing what to look for can be quite challenging—but is essential to the success of your start-up business.

As a seasoned Master Grower, I'll help you hire a talented cultivation team comprising of:

  • Cultivation Manager
  • Growers
  • Plant Tech
  • Post-Harvest Manager
  • Trimmer

Identifying Direction Acquiring Genetics

Before you get to the eventual purchase of seed or clone, we’ll explore your market and the surrounding environmental factors in order to qualify what type of genetics you should acquire. To ensure that your product is in line with demand and able to thrive in the given cultivation climate, we’ll need to determine whether you intend to grow recreational or medicinal cannabis, and what control do you have over your growing environment—to start.

  • If growing from seed, we’ll find a legal source of reputable seeds that are in accordance with your regional regulations.
  • If starting from clone, we’ll vet for strains that come from a clean environment and verify that they are what they claim to be.