Location Identification Selecting a Facility

Where you grow will set your business up for success or failure, so before you identify a location, you need to consider a number of different variables, like geography and budget, to inform your ultimate decision. Fortunately, evolving legislation has legitimized cannabis cultivation and expanded your options:

  • If outdoors, we’ll explore the appropriate terrain and locate a suitable water source.
  • If indoors, we’ll assess space, height, power, water, and zoning requirements.
  • If greenhouse, we’ll analyze your intended geography to ensure a favorable climate.

Site Preparation Designing a Facility

Facility design typically accounts for the bulk of the four-to-six-week timeline allocated towards setting up. Once we’ve identified an appropriate cultivation site, we’ll then assess the following:

  • If it’s an existing facility, we’ll sterilize and eliminate any previous disease or infestation that could pose a threat to your crop.
  • If it’s a new facility, we’ll design and build within your budget scope, and in accordance with regulatory requirements.