Launching a Cannabis Cultivation Business

Move forward with confidence.

Launching a cannabis cultivation facility is no different than starting any other commercially produced agricultural crop, but the excitement and potential for big profits can lead to lapses in judgment that prove devastating for many start-ups. 

An entrepreneur does not need to be an expert grower to launch a thriving cultivation business, and most problems can be avoided through the application of basic business principles and good management practices.

By utilizing the advice, checklists, and templates found within this book, cannabis entrepreneurs can skip the typical start-up mistakes and enjoy the shortest path from seed to success.

The book is $34.95 plus $10 for shipping via UPS to anywhere in the continental United States. For international orders, please click here to purchase through Amazon. 


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A go-to resource for industry newcomers and veterans alike. 

"Ryan's knowledge of large-scale commercial cultivation, business, and the cannabis plant itself combine to make him a go-to resource for industry newcomers and veterans alike.

He has a straightforward, no-frills approach that makes this book accessible to everyone regardless of their cannabis knowledge or experience."