What Is the Right Amount of Light?


When buying grow lights, it's good to keep things in perspective.

As a point of reference, a plant receives about 2000 micromoles of light on a summer day in the northeastern US. In Colombia, it's closer to 2200.

But some grow lights promise up to 2800! That's a lot of light. Before you spend the money, make sure your plants really need that much light. 

While some cannabis varieties thrive on high light levels, it can actually be detrimental to others.

Plant leaves will start to curl in an attempt to shy away from intense light, or they may turn yellow if they're not acclimated to strong light levels. 

In flowering, 900-1200 is sufficient for quality plant growth, although some varieties do well with up to 1500 micromoles of light. 

If you buy a strong light, make sure you have a real need and a plan for using it.

Otherwise, you'll need to dim back the light fixtures to accommodate your plants, essentially paying for light intensity that you can't use.