The Special Touch


One of the keys to successful cloning is to slowly expose cuttings to progressively drier air.

Dryness forces cuttings to push out new roots and search for water.

The secret is to strike a balance between keeping the plant sufficiently turgid but dry enough to encourage roots.

The day cuttings are removed from stock plants, they should be kept at near 100% relative humidity (RH). Indoors, this is done with a plastic dome, while in greenhouses, it's done with constant overhead mist.

After 48-72 hours, humidity should be reduced slightly each day until the propagation room reaches about 75% RH. At this point, about 7-10 days later, plastic domes can be removed entirely.

Timing is critical; if the cuttings are kept too wet, they will start to rot. If they're kept too dry, they may wilt and be unable to rehydrate.

This system doesn't need to be complicated - any container with an adjustable lid will do the trick!