Ryan Douglas Invited to Spotlight Emergent Growth Technologies at 2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo


“Cultivation: The New Age of Commercial Grow Operations” is a knowledge leadership presentation that will spotlight technologies to maximize space, use grow nutrients more efficiently, and dramatically increase cannabis yields.

Ryan Douglas, President of Manizales-headquartered Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC, an emerging regional leader in the legal cannabis space, is a featured speaker and panelist at the 2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo, being held August 24-26th in Miami. His presentation and panel participation for “Cultivation: The New Age of Commercial Grow Operations” will focus on new technology solutions to help commercial cannabis growers cut costs, improve crop yields, and accelerate time to market.

“The old ways of growing will not be competitive in the near term,” said Mr. Douglas. “I'll be presenting a roster of advanced technologies already proven in the field to help boost market performance and relieve pressure on traditional growers' bottom lines.”

“Cultivation: The New Age of Commercial Grow Operations” (Saturday August 25th, 3-3:50pm) reveals the emergent technologies at the cutting edge of commercial cannabis growing operations, including:

  • How deployment of drones and robots in commercial cannabis operations are helping growers pre-identify problems, avoid crop losses, and utilize plant nutrients with greater cost efficiency.
  • How specialized shade cloths are cutting costs and boosting yields, by helping to prevent disease and insect infestations in large scale cannabis crops.
  • How new grow lights manipulate light quality to encourage cannabinoid production.

2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo Miami is being held August 24-26th at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami.