Ryan Douglas Invited to Speak at 2018 Cannabis Learn Conference & Expo


April 1, 2018

Ryan Douglas, Founder of Manizales-headquartered Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC, an emerging regional leader in the legal cannabis space, is a featured speaker at the 2018 CannabisLearn Conference & Expo, being held April 30 to May 2 in Philadelphia. He has been invited to participate and share his professional insights on two discussion panels: “International Markets and Standards” and “Cultivation and Lasting in a Maturing Market.”

“Cannabis markets are not just growing, they're also evolving, and I'm excited to discuss their ongoing maturation at CannabisLearn,” said Mr. Douglas. “Expectations, opportunities and practices that were relevant just a year ago are already being superseded by new regulatory environments, emerging trends and innovative technologies. CannabisLearn is a welcome opportunity to share important and relevant information with key stakeholders.”

“International Markets and Standards” (Tuesday May 1st 11-11:50am) examines Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for key areas of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, retail/dispensary, extraction, infused products, laboratory, security, packaging/labeling, and business and environmental sustainability.

“Cultivation and Lasting in a Maturing Market” (Wednesday May 2nd 1-1:50pm) investigates how cultivators, operators and investors should prepare for expanding legalization, and the continuing entrance of well-capitalized mainstream enterprises into the legal cannabis space.

“CannabisLearn is being held during Philly Tech Week 2018, which recognizes the critical role innovation is playing in driving expansion and maturation of the cannabis market,” said Mr Douglas. “There's significant intersection between the two contexts and I'm looking forward to discussing how the integration of research and technology commercialization are impacting entrepreneurial and investment opportunities in the legalized cannabis space.”

2018 Cannabis Learn Conference & Expo is presented by Greenhouse Ventures. The event is designed to provide attendees the opportunity to discuss emergent market trends, business tips and investing strategies with leading industry operators, market investors and university researchers. Conference programming will include discussion of best practices shaping the legal cannabis space in the United States and key international cannabis markets, such as Canada, Colombia and Israel.


About Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC

Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC (RDC) is an emerging regional leader in the legal cannabis space. The company provides cultivation advice to legal cannabis start-ups in Colombia, South America and the Caribbean, including facility selection and design, acquisition of genetics, hiring and training of cultivation teams, and production scheduling and execution. RDC specializes in providing clients the expertise needed to achieve rapid cultivation startup with minimal time to market.

Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC is headquartered in Manizales, Colombia and has resources, partnerships and business relationships located both locally and internationally. For more information, please visit douglascultivation.com.