Growing Craft Cannabis: It’s All About the Love


Craft cannabis is the highest quality dry flower that a consumer can buy.  It is distinguished from more commonly available cannabis by its unique smell, rich taste, and higher price point. While most craft cannabis is grown in small batches, it can also be cultivated successfully in a commercial facility. 

Here are 5 tips for growing top-shelf craft cannabis, regardless of the size of your grow site.

1. Select unique genetics. Unique genetics are at the heart of craft cannabis. Whether it’s a timeless classic like Colombian Gold or an award-winning new variety like Wedding Cake, craft varieties are not available in every dispensary in town. Like heirloom vegetables, craft cannabis should be unique, hard to come by, and taste delicious.   

2. Hire the right grower. Skilled growers are paramount to creating a premium craft product. Attention to detail and appreciation for timing is the special touch that makes the difference between craft-quality and mediocre cannabis flowers. Exclusive genetics and a perfect growing environment will go to waste if your grower lacks the experience to bring a quality crop to fruition.

3. Harvest in two phases. On harvest day, walk the crop and harvest only the best flowers. Then hand-trim, slow-dry, and cure this product. Once the “cream of the crop” has been selected, harvest the rest of the plants and machine-trim the flowers. Skip the curing process and sell the flower once it is finished drying. This way, you can obtain craft-quality cannabis and produce lower price commercial product from the same crop.

4. Isolate craft cultivation. By sectioning off part of a commercial greenhouse for craft production, you can dedicate extra people, time, and resources to your craft product without spreading the increased costs over the entire cultivation facility. It’s not only cost-effective but when it comes to specialty production like organic cultivation, it’s actually mandatory. Organic certification requires a strict separation between conventional and organic cultivation to prevent cross-contamination from synthetic fertilizers and pest control products.

5. Price it higher. Not only does craft cannabis deserve a higher price point, but higher prices help to differentiate the product from other cannabis on the shelf. Small batches and limited edition runs help to reinforce the “specialness” of craft cannabis and justify the higher price. No high-quality craft beer costs the same as a Bud Light – and it shouldn’t.