Finding the Right Head Grower


Identifying and recruiting a competent head grower is one of the most important steps towards developing a profitable cannabis cultivation business. No other position is more influential in determining the success or failure of a new cultivation program, and no amount of oversight or intervention can make up for a lack of commercial growing experience.

Consider the following four tips as you search for the perfect head grower for your organization.

1. Peruse your competitors

The easiest way to acquire a new grower is to poach them from an existing successful operation. Everyone is interested in hearing about new opportunities, and it’s flattering to be recruited. Even if the potential grower is not interested, he or she can likely refer you to a grower that is looking for work.

2. Use head hunters

There are plenty of professional recruiting firms that specialize in the cannabis industry, and they are an excellent way to identify available growers. Anticipate paying a flat recruiting fee or a percentage of the grower’s first-year salary. Make sure to include a rider that if the new hire quits or is terminated within the first 90 days on the job, a replacement will be recruited free of charge.

3. Place want ads

Posting vacancies on cannabis job websites and industry publications can generate mass interest, but be prepared to comb through plenty of unqualified candidates. Ask a friend or consultant who is knowledgeable about growing to help you weed through the dozens (or hundreds!) of resumes that you are sure to receive.

4. Network

Cannabis conferences and trade shows are a great way to meet potential candidates, but due to show and attendee schedules, there typically isn’t much opportunity for a lengthy sit-down interview. Use conferences to make personal introductions and exchange contact information, but then request resumes and schedule follow-up interviews at a later time.