Extreme Times Call For Extreme Measures


A hard pinch and thorough de-leafing can help buy time when plants need more space, and you don't have it.

This technique stalls plant growth temporarily but will result in a well-branched plant.

It's not without its risks, however. 

Plants stripped clean of all leaf material are at an elevated risk of being overwatered if the grower doesn't adjust the irrigation regime. The plant will not be transpiring water as rapidly as it did prior to being de-leafed, and will only need a fraction of the water it was previously consuming. 

There may also be an increased risk of hermaphroditism. Female plants can turn hermaphrodite under extreme stress, and removing 95% of a plant's leaf mass can be stressful!

This situation is not ideal, but if a licensed grow area is not available due to construction or production delays, you may have no other choice. 

By not taking extreme measures when a crop needs to be transplanted or spaced out can result in inefficient growth, a less profitable crop, and an increased risk of disease. 

If you're in a pinch, consider giving your plants a hard pinch.