Cannabis Conference at Medellin's Botanical Garden


Please join me in Medellín, Colombia from November 22-24, 2019 at Expo MedeWeed, where I'll be delivering a value-packed speech aimed at helping growers decrease their crop losses due to one of the cannabis plant's worst enemies: botrytis flower rot.  

The threat of botrytis will keep any real grower up at night, but cannabis cultivators have it especially hard since their disease management options are limited during the final weeks of flowering.  Wet or humid conditions will encourage disease, and it can be difficult for growers to create a drier cultivation environment. 

On November 23, 2019, I will be presenting some practical steps for combating cannabis flower rot in my talk "Battling Botrytis; How to Avoid Devastation and Mitigate Damage".  I'll provide some practical tips for preventing the onset of the disease, as well as advice on what to do when it happens.  See you in Medellín for some great talks and beautiful weather!