Cannabis Business Times 2020 Cannabis Conference


This year's annual Cannabis Conference organized by Cannabis Business Times will be held online. 

On September 15th, from 12:15pm to 1:15pm EST, I'll be covering all things cannabis during the panel discussion "Expand Your Greenhouse Operation or Farm Into Cannabis (Including Hemp)".  I'll be addressing critical issues that every grower should consider if they are debating whether or not to enter the cannabis industry by retrofitting an existing greenhouse or farm.  Panel topics will include:

- Key steps to consider when converting an existing grow facility to cannabis production

- What kind of facilities are the best candidates for conversion and retrofit?

- What are some critical changes that need to be made when converting from conventional crops to cannabis?

- What are the key differences between cultivating hemp and traditional agricultural crops?

- How should a farmer determine if they should grow outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse?

Please join me as I discuss these critical topics and many more during this valuable panel discussion online.  Register now!