The Task Background

In 2017, Colombia implemented a regulatory framework that allowed for the commercial cultivation and export of cannabis derivatives.

As the first cannabis company to become licensed in Colombia, Khiron Life Sciences needed to capitalize on the momentum of their first-mover advantage and launch cultivation operations quickly.

Since regulated commercial-scale cultivation was new to Colombia, Khiron knew they needed an experienced professional to help guide the company through a seamless cultivation start-up.


The Clients Goals

With so many options in terms of new technology, cultivation equipment, and growing methods, navigating the launch of a cannabis business can be overwhelming for groups new to the cannabis space.

Companies risk overcomplicating the start-up process, and as a result, they can lose money before harvesting even one crop.  Khiron’s goal was to avoid the typical mistakes and unnecessary expenses common to cultivation start-ups.


The Project Outcome

My work with Khiron resulted in the rapid organization and expansion of their cultivation program.

Working closely with Khiron management, I helped the company avoid needless capital expenditures and steer clear of preventable mistakes by:

  • Recommending an appropriate cultivation strategy for start-up
  • Sourcing a Master Grower experienced in commercial-scale production
  • Refining cultivation protocols to help encourage compliance
  • Training operations staff and cultivation team on industry best practices