The Task Background

Obtaining a commercial cultivation permit in Canada is serious business.  Although the government has recently taken steps to expedite the licensing process, the game is still not for the weak of heart. Bold Growth, a license applicant in the Province of Saskatchewan, knew they needed expert advice to help craft a competitive license application.


The Clients Goals

Fortunately, previous work in Canada gave me ample experience to help consult on this pre-licensing initiative. Although Bold Growth's application is still pending, the initial goal was to obtain a commercial production license from Health Canada.  To achieve this, Bold Growth needed to present a compelling case for compliance, consistency, and quality control in their proposed cultivation operation.


The Project Outcome

As any license applicant can attest, preparing a document for federal review can be quite cumbersome.  Many operational components need to be meticulously planned in order to fulfill application requirements, and I worked closely with the team at Bold Growth to establish the following prior to their submission to Health Canada:

  • Explored and selected a cultivation methodology.
  • Educated management on the cultivation and production process.
  • Advised changes to an existing production floor plan
  • Prepared comprehensive cultivation SOPs for implementation into their licensing application.