Feeling Exposed


Proper greenhouse design is vital to a successful cultivation business.

Not every greenhouse makes sense for every situation.

For example, shade curtains aren't usually installed outside of a greenhouse, but they may make sense under certain circumstances.

Blackout curtains, heating pipes, dehumidifiers, and just about anything else are usually suspended from the rafters inside of a greenhouse.

If shade curtains are installed retroactively, outdoors may be the only place to put them.

But be forewarned! If snow and strong winds are common in your area, this option won't work. You'll spend all your time untangling and repairing damaged curtains.

Avoid this problem altogether by selecting an experienced greenhouse designer with a track record of success in the cannabis industry.

Cheap greenhouses may appear attractive on a cost analysis spreadsheet, but in the end, the true cost of going cheap can be very expensive.