Don’t Get Caught in the Net


Trellis netting is an excellent plant support solution for cannabis crops in flower, but it's not ideal for every situation.

If you constantly move plants for observation, use tomato cages instead.

Plants that grow into trellis netting are fixed in place, whereas plants in tomato cages can easily be moved around.

R&D projects, breeding projects, and pheno-hunting projects all require close observation of a crop.

This can involve taking measurements or scouting the plant from all sides.

When the plant is in a fixed position, the scouting employee must move around to access all sides of the plant.

But if the plant isn't confined to a fixed location, the employee can easily spin the plant around. This decreases labor and increases the accuracy of the task.

The best part? Tomato cages have been around forever, and they come in all sizes.