Cultivating IQ: How to Boost Revenue with Cannabis Education Courses


For commercial cannabis growers, 2023 is “The Year of Optimization.”

Only the most efficient and well-funded businesses will survive the next 12-15 months.

For companies without access to loans or deep-pocketed investors, optimization will prove vital to not only surviving—but thriving—in the coming years.

Part of optimization is the generation of additional revenue from existing resources.

Cultivation businesses looking outside of the bud for alternative sources of revenue should consider selling cannabis education courses.

Currently, only a few comprehensive options exist when it comes to quality cannabis education.

Even fewer options exist that match hands-on learning with online coursework.

The best part? Most commercial cultivation facilities already have all that’s needed to create a top-notch cultivation education program.

To help growers explore this potentially lucrative opportunity, I’m offering a special Zoom workshop on March 15, 2023, at 11 am ET/ 3 pm GMT:

“Cultivating IQ: How to Boost Revenue with Cannabis Education Courses”

This online workshop will demonstrate how cannabis businesses can leverage their cultivation assets by offering educational courses, certificate programs, or “masterclasses” on cannabis cultivation.

During this interactive webinar, I’ll share valuable insights and pragmatic advice for launching a six-figure educational program, including:

  • How to develop a cultivation curriculum and lesson plans
  • How to incorporate hands-on learning with online content
  • How to market your program and what to charge
  • How to increase profits and enhance learning through valuable course add-ons
  • Tips for partnering with technical schools and universities
  • Secrets to competing with established names in the cannabis education space

Listeners will come away from this workshop with curriculum templates, lesson plans, and practical ideas for jump-starting a profitable cannabis education program.

The first 20 people to register will receive an autographed copy of my book, From Seed to Success: How to Launch a Great Cannabis Cultivation Business in Record Time.

Click here to register.

All workshop proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit Last Prisoner Project.